Laser Levelling

Laser Levelling Albury

For the best services for laser levelling Albury and nearby areas have seen, contact Penderbrae Earthmoving & Excavation. Our team specialises in laser land levelling and uses only the best concrete laser levelling machine and rotating laser level so you can always expect great results.

Construction projects are time-critical and complex. If you are a project manager or site supervisor or contractor, you understand the importance of quality and time. One of the most important steps of your project is always going to be the foundation. On that note, the most cost-effective and efficient way to get your foundation right is using a laser level hire with the best laser leveling equipment for your project in Albury, Wodonga, or the surrounding areas.

Penderbrae Earthmoving and Excavation has more than 20 years of experience in providing laser levelling. Operating modern machinery and using the latest in laser technology, including remote gradient change allows us to provide an efficient laser levelling service to our clients who are looking for a contractor that complies with the highest standards.

Laser Level Hire Albury

Our team at Penderbrae Earthmoving & Excavation uses only the best and most reliable laser levelling equipment to deliver the best laser level hire Albury residents can trust. Laser levelling is a specialised two-part system that is used for foundation preparation.

The first part is the projector. The projector sits onsite and, using GPS, is set to the height and grade required for the foundation.

The second part is the levelling attachment that fits onto the front of the skid-steer. The projector and levelling attachment constantly “talk” to one another, providing an accurate line for levelling.

Back in the day, we used string lines and chalk lines. Today, we use laser levelling.

Laser levelling is supremely cost-effective as it halves manpower and time to completion, while also greatly improving accuracy.

Where Do We Offer Our Services?

We offer our laser levelling services to clients from and around –

  • Laser Levelling Albury
  • Laser Levelling Jindera
  • Laser Levelling Corowa
  • Laser Levelling Jingellic
  • Laser Levelling Khancoban
  • Laser Levelling Jindabyne
  • Laser Levelling Adaminaby
  • Laser Levelling Wodonga
  • Laser Levelling Rutherglen
  • Laser Levelling Wangaratta
  • Laser Levelling Beechworth
  • Laser Levelling Myrtleford
  • Laser Levelling Bright
  • Laser Levelling Mount Beauty
  • Laser Levelling Tallangatta

Why Choose Us?

World-Class Contractor

The quality of our work has led us to become the preferred contractor for two global quarries. We always have the right machine for the job, and we are confident you will be more than satisfied with our work. We don’t start any work until we are sure we are clear on what you want, and your expectations of the finished project.

Skilled, Knowledgeable, and Experienced

You can be rest assured that we know what we are doing thus allowing our company to offer services that are –

  • Fast, efficient, and reliable,
  • On par with the Australian standards, and
  • Detail and results oriented.

Our team members on-site will always offer you the right advice to help you achieve what you want out of your project in the most efficient and economically pliable manner.

Premium Quality Work with Competitive Pricing

You will find our prices to be the most competitive in the industry. We have a large and diverse customer base. And because of our experience, we can deal with projects of varied sizes and complexities. We guarantee that the project will be completed on time and within budget.

Fully Equipped with State-of-The-Art Equipment

We have all the latest range of earthmovers and excavators from leading brands at our disposal, thus allowing us to take on any project without giving it a second thought.

Meeting All Industry Standards

We will ensure that professional and industry standards are always implemented. We are known for our excellent customer service as we emphasise on being approachable and communicative. We listen to your needs and we deliver quality-assured results and that too at competitive rates.

On Time Every Time!

All projects are completed on time every time as we use the latest equipment and machinery especially when it comes to fulfilling our roles as one of the leading excavation and earthmoving contractors in North East Victoria and Southern New South Wales.

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